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I worked in a company for almost 8 years and resigned just before the lockdown. I resigned because I could not take it anymore how my foreign boss treated poorly his employees.

I resigned with no savings, has a lot of debts and no other job to look forward to. I earn a little in my current home-based part-time job, not enough to pay my everyday needs. My mom doesn’t know about my debts and suggested that I should take this opportunity to continue my studies and my part-time job because it’s hard to find a full-time job for an undergraduate like me and she also doesn’t want me to work outside as I am currently living with two vulnerable citizens. I, honestly, can’t risk their lives. My mind is all over the place thinking what should I do. I have the most loving family but I just couldn’t tell them about my debts otherwise there will be more complications. I am sorry for the long post. I just wanted to get everything off my chest,

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