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I'm a lesbian and a proud one. Thing is that sometimes I miss the touch of a man.

I don't know what to do, am a happy lesbian, have a partner for 16 months now. Last couple of months, I've been chatting and having sex themed phone conversations with various men I knew for years.
Am afraid to tell my partner but at the same time... i miss the touch of a man and feel lost.

4 Answers

Maybe you are bisexual and you don't know it yet. If you feel like, you can experiment...
For how long have you been a lesbian Bea?
If all your life than it might be... curiosity. If for a short time, you might be 100% bi... and that's alright if you keep true to yourself

Dina - CA
You're 100% bisexual my dear!

Embrace it and always care for your own feelings, what does your innerself tells you

Love xoxo - DeeDeey - Ontario
oooops bisexxxxuaaaal detected. I had the same feelings and... I am now a proud bisexual.

Kiss Keyra