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All time lesbian, 4 years into a lovely relation and now I feel like am loving a fcking nazi

My partner doesn't share my feelings for #BlackLivesMatter and neither understand or even try to, what this movement stands for :(
Our relationship got colder by day, am trying daily to explain why I feel like I feel and am not understood.
Do you think is just a phase, should I end it or fight to convince her of the reality?

3 Answers

I can relate to this,my family is the same. They don't understand the impact of #BLM and the importance. They blame me for being too liberal idk
It's crazy.

Emma - WA
I feel the struggle too!
Last night I had a fight with my neighbours, they know Im gay and they shouted "you dont care about us huh?!" like I was doing anything to them

Anyway... love each other.
Thanks secretspedia for opening, giving us the chance to tell our secrets pain and joy

Shanny - NJ #proud
Patrick here again ha.

No comment yet on my post.

#LGBTQ won today