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read more and reply ↓ 3 Answers 251 Views Romantic desire

I miss my first gay love from highschool! Even I have a husband now, i am ashamed of how I miss my first boyfriend

Was in highschool and we were doing everything together, even showering (kinky hahaa) and we had to separate during my parents divorce so the relation got cold af after.
Now, even when I am hugging my current husband I miss Dean and think of how good we were all the time.

should I feel guilt?

3 Answers

You shouldn't feel ashamed at all. It happens to all of us at some point... missing a loved one after being separated.
Talk to your husband about it, be opened about it and you will have a great relation together!
I feel that too but after a cold shower my thoughts and feelings get back to reality haha
I constantly cheat on my boyfriend and am fine with it!
Am bi and mostly gay so... figure that out.

Thanks secretspedia for giving us the chance to say what we want!