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read more and reply ↓ 1 Answers 206 Views Romantic desire

Hi Im Jake! Gay male and have an obsession with fragrances. Think am a frag addict lol

Jake here! Wany everyone to know that i have a mega obsession with fragrances.
Last months, even with the stay at home covid crap I still bought 5 fragrances... adding to my 350+ bottles collection.
I don't know what to do to stop!!!

 Every time I get bored with what i have and keep adding to my collection, expensive fragrances gay Mancera, Montale, Creed...

Love y'all! PRIDE2020 WOOP WOOOP show #Pride

1 Answer

Hi Jake, you don't have an obsession, can be an exaggerated hobby lol

"Gay male"? That's an introduction haha