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Lesbian Rhythm - She squeaked and arched away from me, and I followed her back, letting my fingers drift to those thin panties, damp with need, shifting them aside as I kissed her throat and whispered the only name I knew.

I shifted on the bed, turning my body away from her and crossing one leg over the other. “I’m not decent and I thought you might be someone else.” My heart thundered and I didn’t remove the sheet. If anything, I wanted to wrap it tighter around my shoulders, self conscious as my nipples began to tighten beneath the thin brassiere that covered them.

“Oh, really, Monica, how prudish you are.” She waited for a moment, as if expecting me to remove the sheet, then shook her head. “Are you really so shy around other women?”

Not any other women, I wanted to say, just you.

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1 Answer

Beautiful writing. Am straight but some of the writing is REALLY EXCITING 10/10