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When you have a secret researchers have found that its weight can physically affect you.

Specifically, they found that when you carry what you feel to be a heavy secret, you overestimate the effort that physical tasks will require, overestimate distances between two points, believe hills to be steeper than they actually are, and make you less likely to help someone else with a favor.

Blame your wandering mind
While we might at first believe that it’s the concealing of the secret that is taxing our energy reserves and clouding our perceptions, it turns out that it’s not so much the “keeping of the secret” that affects us, but the amount of mental energy, via our “wandering mind,” that creates the problem.

1 Answer

So true.
My secret is that I stole some samples from a lab when we were visiting. Happened years ago in France.
I got scared and threw them in the toilet.

Haha... ik ik not funny still my secret.