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Hot secrets

yes i am a dragQUEEN! Till this day I haven't told her it was me stealing her makeup and am sorry for it. Will make it up to her by buying her something nice. Was drunk and needed some glitter and mascara aand eyeshadow... sorry Krissy!!!
... I don't have a dog
My employer fired some guys last year for, listen to this "they don't like the most creative company in the world" and since then, I always remind ... hate Apple, am using Samsung during weekends and [email protected]#k Apple and their overrated products!
There it is! I said it and am fucking proud if it! I Do NOT like harry potter books, they suck!
The rope ripped, this is why I am still here. Sometimes I choke myself out when I am depressed. I am 25 now and I hate my life. When I am in public, I hide it from everyone. I smile and chat like a normal person. I have a job and a cat.
I like singing in the shower and also to pee. Why? I don't know don't ask never cared but I do it on a daily basis. So imagine if you go to a hotel where I peed in the shower hahahahahahahahahahahahahah
I work from home and in the past 5 months I've fucked my neighbours wife when my girlfriend is at work and her husband travels to fix oil rigs. She's ... man will see her tomorrow and probably the next week too. Wish me luck! Jonesy
I make some money by charging my clients for stops when I shouldn't and am sometimes sorry but they are generally douche bags who wanna make 20 stops before destination so it's cool
Have a girlfriend for about one year now and I really love her. But last year I was going with my crew to a strip club on Sunset and met this smart witty, ... really have feelings as she said she loves me too. I don't know what to do.
My wife won't let me have a cat and I knew this since day one as she has allergies but I lied to her for 3 years now about how much I hate cats and all and I actually LOVE CATS!
2 weeks ago my neighbour scratched my car with his car and pretended it was someone else but saw him on cameras so.. today after the trash came I nicked his trash bin and spray painted as mine bwahahahahah
Since this Corona shit I started to eat double. Now... when everyone is apparently having the time of their life I EAT EVERYTHING like literally. Am not proud, just wanted the world to know HOW YOU GET FAT! LIKE THIS, EAT PIGGY
My ex... she'd cum, loudly, beautifully, so fucking sexily - and squirted all over my face. Once her orgasmic throes had passed and she regained her breath - ... . It was, and remains, the hottest thing I've ever experienced with a woman.
From as early as I can remember, I always noticed women and thought they were beautiful. In my freshmen year of college, I met an insanely gorgeous actress ... vision for the first time in my life. Suddenly everything made sense! - Erika
Am a dragqueen, in London. My wife thinks I'm going with some friends who are covering for me, thinks am going on fishing trips. I feel guilty but ecstatic drag at the same time! Be fabulous even if people around you don't know it.
I shifted on the bed, turning my body away from her and crossing one leg over the other. I'm not decent and I thought you might be someone else. My heart ... , I wanted to say, just you. Read more #secrets at: https://niccihaydon.com/
My secret is... that I certainly don't have a bleached butt-hole, I'm not one for feather pillow fights and I'm not wearing an uncomfy underwired lace bra ... (apart from this post of course - haha). Aaahhhhhh... lesbian sex myths! KaraKXX
There’s around 50 employees and we have one colleague that occasionally silently farts while everyone pretends that nothing has happened. You can imagine how that looks like.
found a wallet while going to work. I wanted a Nintendo switch so bad and all i was missing were 80 bucks so... left the wallet with a police officer who was happy and thank me for doing a civic act ha. Have my switch yo
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Me and my whole friendship group really just want to fuck eachother. The problem is we dont want to all fall out but sometimes the sexual tension is to much when we are out!!!!